"Managing your career is just the beginning?"

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Career Planning and Coaching

As we all know, in order to achieve success no matter what our endeavor, we have to plan. There's an old saying, "Fail to plan...Plan to fail".
Our Career Planning Program consists of four modules: Assessment, Exploring Options, Creating a Strategy, and Implementation / Follow-up.

Module One, Assessment:
Evaluation of education, training, and career history experience. In this module we take a hard look at where you've been, your successes, and set-backs. We consider the current market in relation to your compensation, benefits and your career progression. Additionally, we probe further into your job satisfaction, career wellness and quality of life. Our objectives are to determine your career health, your potential for continued success, and whether you are on the most efficient path to reaching your professional and financial goals. One (2) hour session, or split into (2) one hour sessions.

Module Two, Exploring Options:
Analyzing variations in career path. Consideration of alternate routes within same or similar industry. Evaluating potential career opportunities and their effect on your career progression, compensation, health and wellness, as well as future job satisfaction. Additionally, we take into account job security, market trends, future economic volatility, and specific industry growth and stability. One (2) hour session or (2) one hour sessions.

Module Three, Creating a Strategy:
Establish a specific and strategic plan of action involving applicable steps to maneuver and take your career in the right direction. Our watch word is "proactive".
By design, we will create a series of steps to take your career to the next level keeping in mind the objectives you want to reach whether it is job progression, increased compensation, more responsibility, job satisfaction, better quality of life etc. Whatever your objectives are, we develop a progressive and quantifiable action-plan to assist you in getting where you want to be. One (2) hour session or (2) one hour sessions.

Module Four, Implementation / Follow-up:
Provide advisory support in implementing the specified actions outlined in the plan, to include application for new career opportunities, coaching you through salary re-negotiations with your current employer, advising you on requesting re-assignments, requesting promotions, applying for open positions and coaching you on strategic moves to properly position you for promotion, advancement or relocation within your current corporate structure. If necessary, we can provide resume enhancement and interview or board meeting strategies to prepare you and position you for advancement. We will teach you to take command of strategic engagements that allow you to influence corporate decision makers. We will train you how to handle every career enhancing opportunity to best leverage your position, overcome potential career set-backs and empower you to confidently move ahead. Additionally, we will monitor your progress and make the necessary adjustments along the way. Three (1) hour sessions and 4 (1) hour follow-up sessions.

Program Cost: $1200, includes all four modules (9 hours), strategic career plan, and ongoing quarterly follow-up sessions - one hour each for 12 months.

Indiv. Modules: $450 each, includes one (1) hour follow-up session. (Only Mod 1, 2, 3. Module 4 cannot be provided independently of Module 3.)

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