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Resume Review and Enhancement

This teleconference session includes discussing and reviewing your resume for potential short-comings that could keep you from being considered and ultimately disqualify you as a possible candidate. As we all know the resume is designed for one thing, to get you in the interview. If you can't get the interview, you can't get the offer. Our focus is to position you to put your best foot forward and to get you in the interview! We will assess your complete work history, education, training, experience, and achievements. We will do a complete resume make over to strengthen your chances of getting interviews. We will focus on your strengths and achievements and then format these attributes into a clear and concise structure that is designed to captivate the reader and compel them to call you for an interview. The session is 1 1/2 hours.

Initial Cost: $350 includes session,
one resume and cover letter.

Additional revisions or cover letters: $50 each.

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