"In choosing a profession be passionate, and you will never work a day in your life"
- Confucious

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CHARGE: Career Health Advisory Resources to Gain Effectiveness

The CHARGE Career Prep Program is designed specifically for high school seniors, college students and young professionals. This course is offered as a one day weekend class or a two evening class week day schedule. The CHARGE program teaches individuals how to successfully present themselves and effectively influence key decision makers. Regardless of whether it is an interview for a new career position, internship or college graduate program evaluation, the art of positioning and connecting to the “decision maker” is critical to the success of any individual being evaluated.

Module One, Creating an Effective Resume:
The first module covers the proper format for writing an effective resume, and cover letter. Our format is specifically designed to attract interest and most importantly, compel the decision maker to take action and get you to the next step...the interview. (1.5 hrs) Cost: $150.
Module Two, Interviewing Strategies:
The second module discusses the protocol for the personal interview and covers the proper way to ask and answer questions and most importantly, how to get the offer or “close the deal”. This module includes extensive role playing in real life scenarios to adequately prepare the student and define the methodology of engaging and connecting with the decision maker to accomplish the desired outcome...acceptance. (2 hrs) Cost: $150.
Module Three, Negotiating to Win:
The third module is an in-depth discussion on negotiation of terms and compensation. This is a critical step in the process where many individuals fail because they simply don’t understand the acceptable customs and protocols of salary and benefits negotiation in a professional environment. (1.5 hrs) Cost: $150.
Module Four, Positioning & Influencing:
The final module covers the general accepted practices and protocols of business correspondence, dress and conduct at formal engagements to include: formal letters, emails, thank you notes, announcements, business meeting etiquette, appropriate attire and conduct at professional, college, business, or other formal social functions. Additionally, module four will include a thorough discussion covering effective strategies on self promoting and marketing to targeted employers and key decision makers, enabling our students to put their best foot forward and get on the fast track. (2 hrs) Cost: $250.
Modules One - Four, Combination Pricing:
Purchase all four modules together for $750 and save $50 over individual pricing.
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