Planning Your Job Search Strategy

Career Growth Counseling Rennar and Associates

Whether you’re baking a cake or climbing Mt. Everest, any successful professional will tell you, “chances for success increase exponentially when you have a plan”.  I’m amazed however, at how many intelligent professionals fail to plan their careers, stumbling from one position to the next, and literally reacting to the forces of the market. Leaving your career to fate is a high risk gamble and will usually end in disappointment.  Ironically, these same individuals would never consider retirement, family vacations or structuring a complex corporate budget without a comprehensive plan.  It’s simply moronic not to take a more proactive approach to the very thing that provides us our standard of living, pays for our kids college, and allows us the many  freedoms and benefits we enjoy throughout our lives, not to mention a roadmap for achieving professional and personal goals.  Although our careers are only a part of our lives, how we manage them not only determines our income and level of success, but if managed properly can grealy reduce unwanted stress while allowing us the ability to control our own destiny.  During these challenging economic times, it is more critical than ever, to have an ongoing Career Plan and a Career Advocate that can provide consistent market data and new career opportunities while allowing you to remain one step ahead of your peers.